The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Sailor's on rising river runways"

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  1. Tarmac
    1. Apron, of a sort
    2. Landing locale
    3. Locale for touchdowns
    4. Airport surface
    5. Touchdown locale
    6. Sailor, a scotsman, is seen on the roads


  1. It's spotted on runways
  2. Runways, for instance
  3. Mil. plane for small runways
  4. Usaf plane for limited runways
  5. Site of paris runways
  6. Santa's runways
  7. Name on the runways of milan
  8. Runways for big models
  9. Banks seen on runways
  10. Runways for models
  11. Usaf plane for small runways
  12. Home of eight runways
  13. Site of some paris runways
  14. Oversized specs appeared on runways again as part of this trend
  15. Celebs on runways
  16. Thanks air corps securing room for runways
  17. Acronym for aircraft that can depart from short runways (anagram of volts)
  18. Energy increase established a river height's rising - this river?
  19. Sell down the river, not a river rising
  20. River rising as the crocodile river near johannesburg


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