The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with J.
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Crossword Answers for "Sabre-rattling patriot"

Added on Friday, December 7, 2018

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  1. Jingo
    1. Aggressive patriot
    2. Self-professed ultrapatri
    3. Bellicose patriot
    4. Santana song about ultrapatriot?
    5. Extreme flag waver
    6. Patriot rattling his sabre during the beijing olympics


  1. Patriot rattling his sabre during the beijing olympics
  2. Bay in greece spoilt by sabre-rattling
  3. Local dealer is right? he's the type of guy presumably used to sabre-rattling
  4. Independent leader in sabre-rattling state
  5. Justify sabre-rattling diatribe?
  6. Papers, sticking together, adopt sabre rattling
  7. Sabre-__ tiger well-known extinct animal
  8. Sabre-toothed tiger from the plains of africa
  9. There are three weapons in the sport of fencing: foil, sabre and ____
  10. Hide from animal, wielding sabre in front of family
  11. Fencing alternative to the sabre and foil
  12. Fred flintstone's pet sabre-toothed tiger
  13. Large sabre-toothed cat of the pleistocene epoch
  14. Extinct short-limbed sabre-toothed tiger
  15. 'sabre', 'scimitar' or 'steel'?
  16. Sabre ou pistolet
  17. Person who participates in a sport involving foil, epee and sabre which also forms part of a modern pentathlon
  18. Member of an extinct genus of large, short-limbed, sabre-toothed tigers
  19. Le sabre ou le pistolet
  20. Oriental sabre


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