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  1. Oriental sabre
  2. A curved oriental sabre
  3. One oriental to another oriental, in a way?
  4. Sabre-__ tiger well-known extinct animal
  5. Sabre-toothed tiger from the plains of africa
  6. Bay in greece spoilt by sabre-rattling
  7. There are three weapons in the sport of fencing: foil, sabre and ____
  8. Hide from animal, wielding sabre in front of family
  9. Local dealer is right? he's the type of guy presumably used to sabre-rattling
  10. Fencing alternative to the sabre and foil
  11. Fred flintstone's pet sabre-toothed tiger
  12. Independent leader in sabre-rattling state
  13. Large sabre-toothed cat of the pleistocene epoch
  14. Extinct short-limbed sabre-toothed tiger
  15. 'sabre', 'scimitar' or 'steel'?
  16. Sabre ou pistolet
  17. Person who participates in a sport involving foil, epee and sabre which also forms part of a modern pentathlon
  18. Member of an extinct genus of large, short-limbed, sabre-toothed tigers
  19. Justify sabre-rattling diatribe?
  20. Le sabre ou le pistolet


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