CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Runnin college team"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Utes
    1. Western tribe
    2. Off-roaders' choices, bri
    3. Uintah and ouray reservat
    4. Uintah reservation indian
    5. Pac-12 team
    6. Some shoshonean speakers


  1. Runnin ___ (n.c.a.a. team)
  2. N.c.a.a.'s runnin' ___
  3. Runnin' rebels' sch.
  4. Sch. of the runnin' rebel
  5. The runnin' rebels of the
  6. Runnin' rebels of the n.c
  7. "runnin' down a dream" singer tom
  8. --- brothers of "long train runnin'" fame
  9. Western school that's home to the runnin' rebels: abbr.
  10. The runnin' rebels, for short
  11. Doobie brothers "it ___ you runnin'"
  12. Sch. of the runnin' rebels
  13. Home of the runnin' rebels
  14. Runnin' rebels' rivals
  15. The runnin' rebels of coll. sports
  16. Runnin' rebels of the ncaa
  17. Imagine college, university college, worried about person in office
  18. Wisconsin college town and its college
  19. Clued up and enthusiastic about university college hospitalclued up and enthusiastic about university college hospital
  20. Wisconsin college town and college


  1. Cocktail of tequila and grapefruit soda
  2. Onetime u.s. soccer prodigy freddy
  3. Sets about grabbing kiss that is most arousing!
  4. 1980 rupert holmes song that was a number 1 hit in america, later known as 'the piña colada song'
  5. Arcade game based on a film of the same name
  6. Sergei, russian composer of peter and the wolf
  7. In three words, white hart lane?
  8. 1964 no 1 single by the moody blues