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  1. St albans roman name
  2. Viscount st. albans
  3. Roman emperor is not quite a roman emperor before the state
  4. Pre-roman roman
  5. Eastern roman emperor formed a roman legal code
  6. Roman leader's watching out for roman poet
  7. Roman writer or roman leader in college embraced by pope
  8. Ancient roman robe
  9. Home for a roman emperor
  10. Ancient roman officials
  11. An uproar during applause for old roman sportsman
  12. Ancient roman magistrate
  13. Roman moon goddess
  14. Roman goddess of the hunt
  15. Roman soldiers take position, namely round poland
  16. Roman garment
  17. Typeface that shares its name with the roman goddess of luck
  18. Tragic roman of shakespea
  19. Roman 401
  20. Roman statesman's thievin


  1. Independent film festival and film school
  2. The activity of buying goods or services
  3. Famous italian river crossed by caesar in 49 bc
  4. Disdains, mocks
  5. Flat headed tool for getting ice off car windows
  6. The greek muse who presides over poetry
  7. Brazilian mini fried pie with filling
  8. French word for misleading or untrue tale