CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Robin perhaps flying in later"

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  1. Reliant
    1. Dependent
    2. Trustful
    3. Hanging (on)
    4. Dependent upon housing payment to cover lithium addiction's onset
    5. Trusting in later development
    6. Dependent on arrest being set up on time


  1. Robin hood portrayer in 'robin hood: men in tights'
  2. 1978 john irving novel, later a film starring robin williams
  3. A robin, er, surprisingly, flying
  4. A sort of robin redbreast's heading east, flying
  5. Robin flying around church's airy spaces
  6. Robin flying back clutching the old man's trinket
  7. Flying off the handle while flying
  8. In part of nester, cuckoo — has robin perhaps as this?
  9. Tiptoe in order to get round robin, perhaps
  10. Cabinet perhaps goes off to the left -- maturity comes later?
  11. Dreamy perhaps before nine, but it sets later
  12. Gossip later perhaps about a great race
  13. As a matter of course it's later and slower, perhaps
  14. Will i be let in later, perhaps, for free?
  15. At a later date, soon perhaps
  16. Put night out on facebook, perhaps, and mark for attention later
  17. Slower, perhaps, but later than 23 down
  18. Later, perhaps, served up dumpling
  19. But adversity comes later, perhaps, for somewhere in 23?
  20. Wren, perhaps, flying the arctic


  1. Something soothing distressed lamb
  2. Volcano near naples
  3. Switch expected following long-standing enmity
  4. A formal public speech
  5. Table-topper's manager going back to before 2nd april
  6. Vocal award for pink floyd album
  7. Bordered by morocco in the west, the largest country in north africa
  8. Thieves turn up and repeatedly express hesitation meeting head of security