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  1. Robert mueller's org.
  2. Robert mueller's former org.
  3. Robert mueller, once
  4. Robert mueller
  5. Org. led by robert mueller since 2001
  6. Mueller's org.
  7. Actor mueller-stahl
  8. "music box" star mueller-stahl
  9. Mueller's russiagate investigation e.g.
  10. Mueller was its sixth dir.
  11. Mueller-stahl of 'shine'
  12. Robert — author of novel the ragged trousered philanthropists under the name robert tressell
  13. Robert burns or robert frost for example
  14. Arctic explorer robert
  15. Author robert ___ butler
  16. B'way role for robert mor
  17. A. karl malden b. robert
  18. Actors robert and antony
  19. Actor robert or alan
  20. Avant-gardist robert


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  2. Spicy peppers, used in many mexican dishes
  3. Spider whose web praises wilbur
  4. Adventures undertaken by players of fantasy games
  5. The term for the act of buying and selling online
  6. Award-winning director of a beautiful mind
  7. A type of quiz that tells you about your future
  8. Diamonds only form when there's a lot of this