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  1. Arbuste du pérou
  2. What flows in une rivière
  3. What's found in the french rivière?
  4. Outlet for une rivière
  5. May, in riviere verte
  6. Rivière contents
  7. Camus's "lettres
  8. It handles lettres
  9. Eluru 6 lettres
  10. Singe hurleur 7 lettres
  11. Police russe 3 lettres
  12. Capitale du swaziland 7 lettres
  13. Elle vit à saint célestin 12 lettres
  14. Terme de poker 4 lettres
  15. Cime 6 lettres
  16. Degre le plus eleve 6 lettres
  17. A une tete de girafe 5 lettres
  18. Cajeput 5 lettres
  19. Sabre japonais 5 lettres
  20. A écrit un livre rouge 3 lettres


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  2. There's a pleasant expectation of having a cape over it
  3. Well, d is not with this
  4. That active fellow has been charged
  5. Although there's not a tear in it, one is let having it for nothing
  6. She certainly did not put disney beyond the pale
  7. It doesn't sound so like that
  8. Shall we have a song about putting on them