CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Ringlet on forehead"

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  1. Kisscurl
    1. Smack dog that's left a bit of hair
    2. Wavy lock of hair stuck onto the face
    3. Small coil of hair on the forehead
    4. Eddy needs light touch to open lock at the front
    5. Piece of hair of the dog left under the buss
    6. Small sweep of hair pressed to the forehead


  1. Ringlet
  2. Lock or ringlet
  3. Make a ringlet
  4. Ringlet, e.g.
  5. Island ringlet
  6. Where there's a ring there may be a ringlet to intrude
  7. Tender ezra's curly ringlet
  8. Cry with a forehead slap,
  9. Word said three times while smacking the forehead
  10. Hair that hangs over the forehead
  11. Jedi with a big forehead
  12. Hair over the forehead
  13. Cry made repeatedly while slapping the forehead
  14. Forehead-slapper's cry
  15. Acne on forehead? exciting times!
  16. Forehead coverer
  17. Forehead feature
  18. Forehead to thigh, throbbing? more 25 needed
  19. Design of hitler, say, combed across the forehead, perhaps?
  20. Forehead wiper's exclamat


  1. Broken damned loo apt to cause grief?
  2. Awkward sleeping without pillows ultimately
  3. Enduringly popular queen awful revenge consumes
  4. The expanse of the sky heavens
  5. The latest is the responsibility of very small people
  6. Something for tea brought by pack mule
  7. A place to make liquor, not bubbly
  8. Such as would suit you down to the ground? only half