The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with L

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Rhyming english class briefly"

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  1. Litcrit
    1. Class for an english major familiarly
    2. Novel opinions, informally?
    3. Class for english majors for short


  1. English rhyming scheme for swedish singers
  2. English sailor who won olympic gold medals in 2000, in the finn class, and 2008, in the star class with andrew simpson
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  4. Rhyming prefix with novela
  5. Rhyming educational proverb
  6. Alphabetically rhyming river name
  7. Breakfast food with a rhyming slogan
  8. Word rhyming with “ignore” in “i am woman”
  9. “aaron burr ___” (“hamilton” song with a rhyming title)
  10. Rhyming boxing champ
  11. Rhyming boxer
  12. Rhyming slanger, me ol' china?
  13. Vocal group's rhyming pattern?
  14. Rhyming writing
  15. Rhyming term for an important person
  16. Two lines with rhyming ends; shakespeare's sonnets
  17. Humorous rhyming poem with five lines
  18. Tropical fruit and rum rhyming curaçao cocktail
  19. Rhyming synonym for ''flicks''
  20. Rhyming poet nash


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  2. Corned beef recipe
  3. It develops, not always into a dragonfly initially
  4. At home, received what may be gold
  5. Rayon fabric
  6. Despots in the party ran tsardoms
  7. It's around short girl's face
  8. The palpebra