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  1. Reinvigorate
  2. Revive cannibal's victim, as spooner might ’ave said
  3. One hesitates to revive english leader after knockout
  4. Before dawn, bound to revive
  5. Revive this and make it freer with a call for silence
  6. Six's might revive old sailors
  7. Revive energy after brewing citrus teas
  8. Some fish are left compressed by others - they revive
  9. Father's come in to revive scottish town
  10. Revive damaged acer tree
  11. Revive memory of something unpleasant - using garden tool?
  12. Revive - motoring contest
  13. Revive memories of roué appearing in court
  14. Does this mean that tea could be the main thing to revive one?
  15. Stop for jack to revive
  16. Sport beginning to revive in cyprus? it attracts support
  17. Revive blues, to begin a succession of hits?
  18. Revive old railways in an area of land
  19. Study and revive former knowledge of
  20. Second course, perhaps, that will revive you


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