CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Repeal bold move? scandalous!"

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  1. Deplorable
    1. Delightful leader emerging outside eastern place providing base
    2. Inexcusable record in donegal or fit for purpose?
    3. William’s demand for money
    4. Book's taken amiss following 28


  1. 'repeal, cancel (6)'
  2. Repeal
  3. Infer from what's known - to repeal tax (anag)
  4. Voting to repeal, say
  5. Foreign high-flyers join sovereign's repeal party with anonymous agent involved in the rising
  6. Repeal binding regulation, one originally set in stone
  7. Gop repeal target
  8. Organised repeal, like member of lords group in period after christmas
  9. Repeal act unexpectedly for biblical comforter
  10. Force out law since repeal?
  11. Annul or repeal
  12. Scandalous 80s initials
  13. Scandalous 1980s inits.
  14. Scandalous 1865 manet pai
  15. Scandalous christine's unable to finish university
  16. Feminist blog named for a scandalous woman in the bible
  17. Couples' activity once considered scandalous
  18. Startling or scandalous
  19. Scandalous scuttlebutt
  20. Scandalous acts


  1. Agcy. that oversees ginnie mae
  2. Either aroused no emotion in or made shiver
  3. Possible poker payments
  4. Alanguir e
  5. City near tesla gigafactory 1
  6. Martial arts hold that forces submission
  7. Time-consuming environmental procedures
  8. Wine-colored