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  1. Protest movement that's muscular and popular
  2. Involuntary muscular movement
  3. Work on involuntary movement relating to the eye
  4. Sharp movement relating to billion in capital
  5. Point i put in pub relating to movement and supply
  6. Relating to a west indian religious movement
  7. Engine - relating to movement
  8. __ movement 1960s mexican civil rights movement
  9. Sudden movement cut short? this provokes sudden movement!
  10. Movement or part also not in a movement
  11. Marvellous, muscular fish
  12. Muscular problem the old man has to fight against endlessly
  13. Muscular strength
  14. Muscular japanese dog
  15. Involuntary muscular spasm
  16. Muscular fellow
  17. Wild cat, lithe and muscular
  18. More lean and muscular
  19. Muscular charles
  20. Attractive muscular men


  1. Girls name i moan
  2. Getting on, love large service of food
  3. Girl taking long strides, moving fast
  4. Gi truly sorry in ceremony
  5. Getting rid of doughy pudding left abandoned
  6. Gift posted again under pressure
  7. Girl to stop wearing underwear
  8. Give second makeover to small church decoration?