CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Red ball frayed either side: movement around that"

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  1. Ronaldo
    1. Footballer’s party after right loan arranged
    2. Brazilian soccer immortal
    3. Men recalled an old-fashioned footballer


  1. Carpet felt frayed around much of elevated room
  2. Either way around either way
  3. A little right turn in a side one foot either side
  4. Side-to-side movement
  5. Observe around, in and either side of notre dame to find this
  6. Picture frayed and old, showing a butterfly, for example
  7. Become frayed
  8. Becomes frayed
  9. Frayed shorts made from jeans
  10. Tiny frayed threads from raw seam edges
  11. Frayed
  12. Torn or frayed
  13. Frayed wiring and the like
  14. Show surprise seeing one bare wire, say, frayed
  15. Twice the collar frayed — strong fabric arrives
  16. Book's spine has frayed with age at last
  17. Became frayed, say
  18. Became frayed
  19. Alarmingly frayed at the edges
  20. An hour of worship leaves person frayed at the edges


  1. Little creature a little bit european
  2. Eat with queen? fantastic!
  3. 1974 paper lace hit
  4. Jack reacher author
  5. Take the right course in the main
  6. A country (this one) with water to the east
  7. One economist's explanation insane when reviewed
  8. A girl is wrong