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  1. Rectangle on a staff
  2. Ruler initially used in producing triangle, square and rectangle
  3. Square and rectangle
  4. Length x width, for a rectangle
  5. Relative origin of universe bounded by morphing rectangle
  6. Rectangle or square
  7. Action indicated by two clockwise-pointing arrows forming a rectangle
  8. Standing inside the rectangle
  9. For a rectangle it’s length times width
  10. Elongated rectangle
  11. Area of a rectangle = length x ___
  12. Half a rectangle
  13. Channel branded with a yellow rectangle
  14. Brown rectangle?
  15. Equilateral triangle or rectangle, e.g
  16. Prison label being worn - rectangle snipped at one corner?
  17. Rectangle or octagon, for example
  18. Popular glowing rectangle
  19. Line connecting two nonadjacent corners of a rectangle
  20. Rectangle quartet


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