The answer to this crossword puzzle is 11 letters long and begins with H

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Reason for an ankle monitor"

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  1. Housearrest
    1. Time required to tour med, say, relax restriction on leaving home
    2. Being kept in for detention
    3. *confinement that might involve an ankle monitor
    4. Sure to hear mix-up about son being kept in
    5. Some schoolboys, rears beaten, finally get detention
    6. This makes a stir at home!


  1. *confinement that might involve an ankle monitor
  2. Is this a reason for not eating humble pie? it¿s a good reason for keeping your mouth shut!
  3. Went in ankle-deep
  4. Shoe that ties around the ankle
  5. Ankle bones
  6. Aid after a neck or ankle injury
  7. Ankle wrap for an athlete
  8. E.r. worker who sprained an ankle?
  9. Ankle-high work shoe
  10. Ankle-exposing pants
  11. Set of ankle bones
  12. Ankle-showing skirt
  13. Of the ankle
  14. Ankle-knee connector
  15. Ankle supports
  16. Line from the ankle to th
  17. Horse's "ankle"
  18. Sprained, as an ankle
  19. Ankle-to-waist wear
  20. Ankle-length, maybe


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  3. A gun for each person
  4. (sound made by) fancy frills on female dresses - four/four
  5. After initially swallowing ecstasy tablet when drunk, this may save your life
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  7. Vehicle brought back to spain for the barcelona gp?
  8. Repairman keeps a snake