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  1. O.k. corral lawman
  2. This may bore lawman caught up in affray
  3. Killer arrested by lawman, getting sudden comedown
  4. Movie lawman
  5. Us lawman conceals memory of tragedy?
  6. Lawman played by james garner and kevin costner
  7. Lawman earp
  8. Legendary lawman of the o
  9. Wyatt —, us lawman
  10. Lawman wyatt
  11. Lawman of the old west
  12. Tombstone lawman
  13. Bent lawman gets round the law
  14. Dodge city lawman wyatt
  15. Comical lawman
  16. Silencer lawman once put on sawn-off luger!
  17. Hazzard county lawman
  18. Keystone lawman
  19. Old west lawman
  20. Dodge city lawman


  1. One discriminating against those who may be getting on?
  2. One going round hospital in pain
  3. One new pal is patient
  4. One half day, plus a day
  5. One discovers knowledge preserved by old priest
  6. One may be spoilt for choice in an election
  7. One in the habit of taking stock?
  8. One may go up in a few ticks