The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with O

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Ratified for short"

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  1. Oked
    1. Assented
    2. Green-lit
    3. Signed off on
    4. Cleared (of)
    5. Gave ones blessing to
    6. Gave the go-ahead


  1. Never-ratified women-related measure, for short
  2. Never-ratified women-rela
  3. Never-ratified cold war a
  4. A story about company that may be ratified
  5. A selfish thing ratified
  6. Ratified, to stop the wrongdoers
  7. Ratified
  8. D.c. human rights act not yet ratified by congress
  9. New element whose name will be ratified in january, 2010, and whose symbol appears in the middle of this puzzle's theme answers
  10. Ratified agreement between states
  11. Potential constitutional amendment ratified by illinois last may: abbr.
  12. It's short ... it's short even in a short thank you
  13. Short albums, for short
  14. Short, for short
  15. Girl showing cheek by lifting short short skirt
  16. Short time: one he cut very short?
  17. Short statement cut short disruption in business meeting
  18. Very short wait, in short
  19. Short of muscle and short of money having spent time by us city
  20. Clue short of perfectclue short of perfect


  1. Ravioli, e.g.
  2. Thumb-pointing reviewer
  3. With 58 across, student's reply
  4. Anthropologist's interest
  5. Spike-shaped object
  6. Hedron lead-in
  7. "texas troubadour" tubb
  8. John wayne film of '74