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  1. Mound
    1. In a heap
    2. Diamond center
    3. Hill, to a pitcher
    4. Pitcher's platform
    5. Hillock discovered after initial sex change?
    6. First sixteen hours of the week storing uranium in pile


  1. Baseball game in which the pitcher allows the opponents no base hits
  2. Ad pitcher who's really a pitcher
  3. Dominican pitcher who won 243 games (third most for a latin american pitcher) between 1960 and 1974: 2 wds.
  4. Dominican pitcher who last august set the record for most wins by a latin american pitcher with 246: 2 wds.
  5. Dominican pitcher who won 219 games (fifth most by a latin american pitcher) between 1993 and 2009: 2 wds.
  6. In baseball mvp stands for most valuable __
  7. What the letter k stands for in baseball
  8. Pitcher of baseball's gas
  9. Baseball player that faces the pitcher
  10. Pitcher’s number in baseball shorthand
  11. Pitcher, in baseball-scoring shorthand
  12. "shot" a baseball pitcher may take
  13. Good name for a baseball pitcher?
  14. Acting as a substitute pitcher in baseball
  15. Longtime baseball pitcher jim
  16. Pitcher's baseball card stat
  17. Baseball hall of fame pitcher warren
  18. Dave who was baseball's second-winningest pitcher in the 1980s
  19. Pitcher's stat, in baseball: abbr.
  20. Hall of fame baseball pitcher martínez


  1. Bad government
  2. Even lower in estimation
  3. Annoyed they're going up
  4. Blue hedgehog in a series of video games
  5. Suggestion less than perfect
  6. 'roger taylor is inside'
  7. Chemistry lab heater
  8. Covering furniture