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  1. Rainout decider
  2. Rainout insurance of a sort
  3. Rainout covers
  4. Rainout coverup
  5. Rainout cause
  6. Rainout preventer
  7. Rainout spread
  8. Rainout spreads
  9. Rainout cover-up
  10. Scoreboard abbr for a rainout
  11. Proof of proof, perhaps
  12. Acceptance sans proof
  13. Assert without proof
  14. Proof part
  15. Proof of payment
  16. Letters seen during proof
  17. Claim without proof
  18. Letters seen by a proof r
  19. Assert without proof everyone european has good english
  20. Without proof


  1. Of the most contemptible kind
  2. Of use
  3. Of short duration
  4. Occultism threatening astrologers, complacent at first
  5. Shaped like a kiwi
  6. Obsequious host backs officer
  7. Oc
  8. Odds cut on fairy, i feel, spirit creating storm?