The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with L.
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Crossword Answers for "Quiet spells"

Added on Friday, May 4, 2018

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  1. Lulls
    1. Respites
    2. Slow times
    3. Welcome things on hectic
    4. Downtimes
    5. Calms fifty sea birds cut off at the head
    6. Quiet periods


  1. Quiet pause between busy spells
  2. Quiet? yes, quiet
  3. If it's so quiet i've got, i'm not so quiet
  4. Quiet, stomach, quiet!
  5. Perhaps a steward's domain is a quiet circle ... quiet
  6. Quiet "quiet!"
  7. First rate meal that's quiet but not very quiet
  8. Quiet "be quiet!"
  9. Quiet little brook anything but quiet
  10. Clue about little boy, quiet little chap?clue about little boy, quiet little chap?
  11. Bad spells?
  12. Man's name that spells an
  13. Caster of spells
  14. "___ si que es" (spanish sentence that spells the english word "socks" if you say it aloud)
  15. Like some humor or spells
  16. Singer who spells her nam
  17. Queen elizabeth spells her name with one
  18. Unable to manage, he spells badly
  19. Caught by wise men doing spells
  20. Used by wizards and harry potter to make spells


  1. To show to be involved, usually in an incriminating way (verb)
  2. Tater __: deep-fried potato morsel
  3. Furnish with a fund
  4. Shoot well under par in golf lingo
  5. In twos like socks
  6. 'here' in spanish
  7. Place to de-stress
  8. Tasteless cool drink princess once sent back