The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with S.
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Added on Wednesday, June 22, 2022

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  1. Shrug
    1. An indifferent movement
    2. Clueless one's response
    3. Quiet game's lost by show of indifference
    4. Shoulder motion
    5. Expressive shoulder movement
    6. Sign of indifference


  1. Gesture of indifference
  2. Gesture of indifference or ignorance
  3. On the mat she almost gives gesture of indifference
  4. Made a gesture of indifference or doubt
  5. Made a gesture of indifference
  6. Moves shoulders up and down in gesture of indifference
  7. Raises shoulders as gesture of indifference or doubt
  8. Moves shoulders in gesture of indifference
  9. Gesture of indifference using one's shoulders
  10. Quiet game's lost by show of indifference
  11. Show of indifference to quiet floor covering
  12. Show indifference and keep quiet, when confronted with wig
  13. Quiet hardy showed indifference
  14. Express indifference towards quiet runner?
  15. Show indifference by being quiet on the mat
  16. Show indifference to quiet carpeting
  17. Show indifference for a quiet kind of carpet
  18. Quiet game ultimately inviting noncommittal gesture
  19. They're just starting, starting shortly before guy fawkes' day
  20. Starting a project ... and what the letters between the starting and ending pairs of letters in each starred answer are doing?


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