The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Quality of being easily damaged or destroyed"

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  1. Solemnity
    1. Sombreness gravity
    2. Quality of being serious and dignified
    3. Rite of mass involved in only tiny changes
    4. Only fool wearing surprised expression -- or glumness
    5. Single idiot interrupting my serious mood
    6. Portentousness


  1. Destroyed damaged model i dropped
  2. Models of people made to be destroyed or damaged
  3. Easily destroyed
  4. Present easily damaged
  5. Easily damaged broken shattered flimsy frail
  6. Exquisitely fine, easily damaged
  7. Easily damaged
  8. Fragile easily damaged
  9. Exquistley fine or easily damaged
  10. Damaged garden fences easily moved
  11. Fuel truck is easily damaged
  12. Easily broken or damaged
  13. Easily damaged major organs?
  14. Easily carried quality
  15. Like young man following advice and being destroyed
  16. Worries about the whole of aden being destroyed are totally ignored
  17. A root infested badly? it leads to many a tree being destroyed
  18. A foreign maiden lucifer destroyed, being so cruel
  19. Icon times destroyed, describing knight being a know-it-all
  20. Saved from being destroyed


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