The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with N

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Pyjamas, for example"

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  1. Nightwear
    1. Clothing range with buckles
    2. We'll be seen in almost black coat and garments for retirement
    3. Clobber for going off with ... : anger flows
    4. Pyjamas e.g.
    5. Tailored range with baby dolls etc.
    6. Bedroom items? what reign could they be?


  1. One wearing pyjamas?
  2. Pyjamas e.g.
  3. Having put on pyjamas, no need to go to bed? (1,6,2,2,4,2,1,4)
  4. She looks childlike in these pyjamas
  5. Judges leave familiar pyjamas for religious leaders
  6. Close affiliations with pyjamas have they?
  7. Whip one's pyjamas? they're an excellent thing
  8. Overnight gathering of young girls (in pyjamas?)
  9. Secret agent seen in his pyjamas
  10. Watch found in ladies' pyjamas
  11. Kept in bed too long, as pyjamas can be
  12. Exmaple for example, for example
  13. Animal amongst camel's ancestors, for example
  14. Apprentice, for example
  15. Belgian city, for example, in piece of fiction
  16. Early example of reductio ad absurdum
  17. Against spain, an example of moore's passing
  18. Salver, for example
  19. Just for example
  20. Second serve, for example


  1. Start of claudius' reign
  2. Misanthrope who says 'we are all born mad. some remain so'
  3. Tangle together
  4. 'roof of the world' resident
  5. It covers the constitutional amendment process
  6. Busy season in saint-tropez
  7. Bury the cockney in the meantime
  8. Lead-in to a strongly held opinion