CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Puzzle on something red in london"

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  1. Rebus
    1. Upbraids
    2. Puzzle on coach
    3. Scottish detective drives back, wasting time
    4. Picture puzzle
    5. I c u e.g.
    6. Puzzle relating to public transport


  1. Having puffed a lil' something something, to someone who hates something something
  2. Open area in central london; location of london zoo
  3. London borough - home to london's original airport
  4. Outer london borough, site of former london airport
  5. 'what may be called 'the board' of some of these ' -- ' is numbered to thirty-two' (henry mayhew, london labour and the london poor)
  6. London mayor's noting vandalised london district
  7. Railway station in london that opened in 1837 as the terminus of the london and birmingham railway
  8. London overground station on the east london line between shadwell and rotherhithe
  9. Classic letter puzzle — or, when parsed differently, a hint to three down answers in this puzzle
  10. Clueless ... or where the answers to this puzzle's starred clues were all first usedclueless ... or where the answers to this puzzle's starred clues were all first used
  11. Cbs drama co-starring scott foley (who co-created this puzzle), and a hint to puzzle theme that begins answers to 17-, 28-, 47- and 61-across
  12. Clue? i'd none solved except puzzle's second, showing sluggishnessclue? i'd none solved except puzzle's second, showing sluggishness
  13. Elevated expectations ... or what this puzzle's maker did to five answers in this puzzle?
  14. Like this puzzle's theme, to solvers concerned with puzzle symmetry?
  15. What the six puzzle answers graphically represented in this puzzle have in common
  16. Clue to this puzzle's themeclue to this puzzle's theme
  17. Something found after test in the london underground
  18. Accountant is endangered species to begin with, right? it's something london copper is driving!
  19. Something pointing from northwest part of london to east end
  20. Something about london judo practitioner


  1. Bad-tempered, sulky
  2. Rag sent for tailoring? that's peculiar
  3. Showily virile
  4. Capital city rebuilt there, near afghanistan's borders
  5. 2007 sci-fi film starring will smith and alice braga
  6. Happy chappies: gaudentes vel persaepe festivi
  7. Language from cab - air’s nasty
  8. Sod kept changing computer screen