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  1. Letters seen after forward slashes
  2. "spring forward" letters
  3. Sausage in mexican cuisine (last 2 letters + first 1 of 39-down forward)
  4. Resident of canada's capital (last 3 letters + first 2 of 18-across forward)
  5. Letters in love letters
  6. Letters on letters to sol
  7. Letters associated with letters
  8. Letters directing letters
  9. "presumed innocent" or "the firm" (5 letters, then 5 letters)
  10. Winner of seven wimbledon titles (4 letters then 4 letters)
  11. Glaucoma symptom (8 letters then 3 letters)
  12. Bail money source (6 letters then 5 letters)
  13. Woman typecast in horror movies (6 letters then 3 letters)
  14. Letters for enlistees' letters
  15. "letters, ___ letters..." ("late show" mailbag song lyric)
  16. Letters on letters
  17. Starting a project ... and what the letters between the starting and ending pairs of letters in each starred answer are doing?
  18. Letters on some farm letters
  19. Letters at the end of some letters
  20. Capital letters, the last repeated, are visible at first among letters not designed to be seen


  1. With 33-across painter with a museum in santa fe
  2. What a knight's greave protects
  3. Root for the cook
  4. Attempt again
  5. First blank on a form
  6. Kitchen floor choice
  7. Liquor in a sneaky pete
  8. A visit to the nail salon?