The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with B.
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Added on Friday, April 22, 2022
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CODYCROSS Working From Home Group 1228 Puzzle 2

  1. Serpent made by hatching an egg under a toad
  2. Harmful synthetic fibers that can be breathed in
  3. People who are bad at keeping secrets spill these
  4. Candide or zadig author
  5. A sudden flare up of volcanic activity
  6. Time in history before humans used metal tools
  7. Large german dog thats black with tan markings
  8. Lord of dreams in neil gaiman comic
  9. Meaty bread usually made with beef
  10. Knocking an opponent to the ground


  1. Brewster
    1. William aboard the mayflo
    2. Plymouth colony leader
    3. Altman's "--- mccloud"
    4. Sir david --, scottish physicist and inventor of the kaleidoscope
    5. William ___, pilgrim father
    6. Lamon —, 2004-06 wbo heavyweight champion


  1. The result of sin/tan
  2. Word with surgeon to mean a brain doctor
  3. Happened to you
  4. Consume as food
  5. Telephone-on-the-web tech
  6. Prefix with view or caution
  7. Actress kendrick of pitch perfect
  8. Carrot on a snowmans face, usually