The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with F.
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Crossword Answers for "Pull the wool over someones eyes"

Added on Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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CODYCROSS CodyCross' Spaceship Group 1200 Puzzle 5

  1. Father and son actors jerry and ben
  2. Goblet used in christian religious ceremonies
  3. Strip of material for binding wounds
  4. Qualified, having appropriate training
  5. Approaching ourselves
  6. Cersei lannisters eldest son
  7. Len former strictly judge and ballroom dancer
  8. Time of year when crops are ripe enough to pick
  9. Film adaptations of peoples true life stories
  10. Much , founding site of the modern olympics
  11. Ancient city in north west iran
  12. City where the famous carnegie hall is located
  13. Red chilli sauce goes with bouillabaisse
  14. State or government with a royal as its head
  15. Author of the hobbit, the lord of the rings
  16. Feeling that makes the heart grow fonder
  17. Subtle and refined delicacy
  18. African city whose name means hill of the impala
  19. Mountain home of the greek gods
  20. Confused, confounded
  21. Copenhagen is its capital
  22. She starred opposite tom hanks in youve got mail
  23. Opera by modest mussorgsky, boris
  24. Plane figure with six straight sides


  1. Flannel
    1. Pajama material
    2. Face cloth
    3. Evasive talk
    4. Facecloth
    5. Muleta material
    6. Suitable material?


  1. Possible reply to someones tactful remark
  2. Unimpressed response to someones one-liner
  3. *how a tot rides on someones shoulders
  4. Expression of shock at someones actions
  5. Whats turned up on someones face?
  6. Blocking someones path
  7. Prepare for someones birthday, perhaps
  8. Encroach on someones land
  9. “someones gonna pay” or a statement about 17- 24-
  10. Interrupt someones attention span
  11. Patting down someones body as a security measure
  12. Someones true identity concealed
  13. Dried skin flakes in someones hair
  14. Story written about someones life
  15. Gaze at as someones eyes
  16. Someones been __ (repeated line in 20/53 across)
  17. Taking away someones weapons, not limbs!
  18. Gently boosted as someones ego
  19. Criticism that might be made behind someones back
  20. What youre usually advised not to wear to someones wedding


  1. Clio and thalia, for instance
  2. Canny ferrymen guarding welsh river
  3. Calm about current opportunity to take test again
  4. Cast three actors to create parts for musical
  5. Champ, looking leaner, secures two points
  6. Paleolithic innovation
  7. Carried letters from poor sylvia addressed thus
  8. Broaden your horizons!