The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Pull candy"

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  1. Taffy
    1. Carnival buy
    2. It's pulled at a carnival
    3. Stretchy candy
    4. It may be pulled at a carnival
    5. Candy that's pulled
    6. Sticky, chewy candy


  1. *candy from a candy machine
  2. Reached the candy castle first in candy land, e.g
  3. Cookie with approximately 3,000 varieties, including cotton candy and candy corn
  4. Candy in a straw
  5. Toffee candy bar
  6. Colorful, conical candy on a stick
  7. Black candy
  8. Bit of candy
  9. Buying candy, sending flo
  10. Candy brand owned by hershey
  11. Place to buy cotton candy
  12. Nestlé candy popular at movie houses
  13. Candy wafer company
  14. Try some valentines day candy, sneakily?
  15. Try some valentines day candy?
  16. Pixy ___ (candy)
  17. Candy that makes your mou
  18. Eponymous candy man
  19. ___-caps (theater candy)
  20. ___ candy, wonder womans best friend


  1. Ghost briefly makes a comeback; sorry about that
  2. Without complaining like someone receiving treatment
  3. Junk mail re-sent to cut out waste
  4. Crash into back of car - organ death follows
  5. Angle to trap old and stiff examiner
  6. Jack – won the best actor oscar for one flew over the cuckoo's nest
  7. Dilapidated ancestral house of henry v
  8. Unlikely to be out and about