The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with H

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Pueblo tribe member"

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  1. Hopi
    1. Arizona tribe
    2. Pueblo dweller
    3. Arizona native
    4. Indian doll maker
    5. Mesa indian
    6. Native of the southwest


  1. Pueblo tribe of new mexico
  2. Pueblo tribe
  3. Pueblo revolt tribe
  4. Jump over individual member of a pueblo people
  5. Member of a pueblo indian people of northeastern arizona
  6. Western tribe member
  7. Member of a great basin tribe
  8. Member of germanic tribe settled in southern england after the romans
  9. Algonquian tribe member
  10. Sioux tribe member
  11. Member of a south african tribe
  12. Five nations tribe member
  13. Member of a tribe who move from place to place
  14. Rwanda tribe member
  15. Tribe member in many films
  16. Member of a tribe of iroquoian native americans
  17. Then rue (anag.); member of a ukrainian tribe
  18. Germanic tribe member
  19. Senior member of a tribe
  20. Member of a western tribe


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