The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Public spectacles"

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  1. Scenes
    1. Dramatic parts
    2. Trailer makeup
    3. Movie preview, essentiall
    4. Film components
    5. Angry outbursts in play


  1. Concert spectacles
  2. Elaborate spectacles
  3. He turned on blokes breaking dad's spectacles
  4. Explained what spectacles did
  5. Calls to pick up spectacles
  6. Holder of spectacles
  7. Derogatory word for one wearing spectacles
  8. Person qualified to examine the eyes and prescribe and supply spectacles
  9. Spectacles to behold
  10. Spectacles; lenses mounted in a frame
  11. King of the germans, non-drinker in spectacles
  12. Loves wearing different red suits, plus spectacles for a spell
  13. According to 6, 18 down, this was the non-u word for spectacles
  14. Order this, but no need to order spectacles
  15. Girl, one in spectacles putting off outsiders
  16. Proscribed label on pair of spectacles
  17. 'frank churchill ... most - occupied about her spectacles' (jane austen)
  18. I spy lads going round in spectacles
  19. Rounds of snooker play, or spectacles structures
  20. Sponsor of speedy spectacles


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  2. More n than 5d
  3. Pulitzer's new york paper
  4. Glosses over?
  5. Pc message
  6. Noted nixon interviewer
  7. Prevailing condition
  8. Bank line bypasser