The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with R.
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Crossword Answers for "Provide new equipment for"

Added on Friday, September 16, 2022

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  1. Refit
    1. Overhaul
    2. Size again
    3. Make like new
    4. Crafty makeover, note, to get really attractive
    5. Work over, as a ship
    6. Accouter anew


  1. Provide base, where entry of new leader would provide emphasis
  2. Wood used to provide these antiques, and one will provide wood in time
  3. Arms may provide cover; this will provide cover for arms
  4. Note deficiency, get governors to provide school equipment
  5. Pledge to provide a home with listening equipment initially
  6. Does a priest provide the equipment for a pest with us?
  7. Donated pounds to provide equipment for auctioneer
  8. Provide with equipment
  9. Provide too little equipment for a pit's description
  10. Provide new equipment robber picked up
  11. Provide new equipment for
  12. Equipment that can provide hot water for bathing
  13. A doctor and nurse have a row to provide a kind of internal release?
  14. Provide food
  15. Power to provide what follows 9
  16. Main store could provide this household item
  17. They could provide change for the better?
  18. Central staff provide gloss on message: "nothing cut from benefit"
  19. Provide material for beethoven duet
  20. Provide with too much sta


  1. Leon of the nfl
  2. Wheat noodle
  3. Spokescritter with a british accent
  4. Snuggies e.g.
  5. Fee to cross a river, say
  6. Like a fixer-upper maybe
  7. Speech or writing in praise of a person, esp. one in honor of a deceased person (noun)
  8. Planet of the apes role for andy serkis