The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Profane cryptic clue - a solver edges from it!"

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  1. Secular
    1. Lay off
    2. Worldly
    3. Non-religious not affiliated to a church
    4. Temporal
    5. Layman's mostly safe crossing us city
    6. Clear us, not being involved in religion


  1. Cryptic advice for a clever solver to extract
  2. Cryptic compiler's exercise learnt, be cryptic!
  3. Least profane
  4. Profane
  5. Profane to remove heart from heavy chest
  6. Be profane
  7. Profane, or solemn, expression
  8. The empty message party leader's included profane...
  9. Profane talk about sacred things
  10. Profane talk or behaviour
  11. Novel writer verne dismissing western as 'profane'
  12. Profane version of a set creed
  13. Profane expressions
  14. Profane secretary has spoken
  15. Odds on the man framed by charge being profane
  16. Profane poems - a blush spreads out
  17. In a profane manner
  18. Profane expression usually of surprise or anger
  19. Impious profane etc
  20. A profane state


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  2. Dmitry __, president of russia from 2008-12
  3. Group whose debut single was to cut a long story short
  4. Was a thief who went quietly
  5. Ncaa’s fighting tigers: abbr.
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  8. Depicted in a 1960 film with john wayne and a 2004 film with dennis quaid, a siege at a mission in san antonio of the same name