The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Proceeds by a winding course"

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  1. Threads
    1. Strands
    2. Clobber poor hardest
    3. Lengths of yarn
    4. Strands for sewing
    5. Fine cords of twisted fibres
    6. Nut features


  1. Winding course of teeth going the wrong way, right to left
  2. Follow a winding course
  3. Ski race over winding course marked with poles
  4. A winding path or trail indirect course
  5. Aimlessly ambles on a winding course
  6. Winding course
  7. Follow a winding course
  8. Downhill race over a winding course on skis
  9. Winding downhill course
  10. Ambles aimlessly on a winding course
  11. Take a winding course from home and err
  12. Rambles on a winding course
  13. Maybe sewer goes round a winding course
  14. Ski race down a winding course
  15. Wander about, follow a winding course
  16. Follows a winding course
  17. Winding mediterranean course mostly in very good condition
  18. Follow a winding course like a river
  19. All so diverted by medium winding course
  20. How bidding proceeds in b


  1. Explode with terrible threats
  2. Dog's comment
  3. Henry —, author of 1668 prose fiction the isle of pines
  4. Turn to the new boy who has nothing to empty out
  5. Emulate a 100 down
  6. Go for a field goal
  7. Goodbye, in guatemala
  8. Unknown one