The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with K

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Principally known only as lovable australian?"

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  1. Koala
    1. Australian marsupial
    2. Australian animal that mu
    3. Arboreal australian native
    4. Australian eucalyptus eat
    5. Aussie "bear"
    6. Down under critter


  1. Small australian bird with tail feathers structurally similar to those of a larger australian bird
  2. Australian sleuth on drink: 'australian measure is cheap!'
  3. Peter golfer; 2004 australian open tournament and australian pga championship winner
  4. Poet who wrote if you want to be loved be lovable
  5. Makes lovable
  6. A lovable rogue, primarily
  7. Showtime series about lovable serial killer
  8. Endearing lovable
  9. A lovable rogue, more than anything
  10. Lovable male turkeys?
  11. Walt disney film with lovable deer
  12. Bad girls and lovable ones
  13. Film about a lovable pig
  14. Lovable muppet
  15. Lovable dog
  16. Lovable dickens boy tiny ¿
  17. Make lovable or please
  18. Lovable ones
  19. Aphrodite's lovable lad
  20. Request for someone who has a cute, lovable beagle?


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