CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Prime cut available to buy outside hotel entrance"

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  1. Threshold
    1. Doorstep
    2. Doorstep salesmen initially persist – they're heartless to start with
    3. 3 should drop europe on the verge
    4. Entrance right inside the small cargo area
    5. The point of entering is to beat senior
    6. Sill of house door


  1. Smokers’ requisite lost outside entrance to hotel
  2. Prime minister whose daughter became prime minister
  3. Open position; hotel room available
  4. Part of hotel available at lighting-up time
  5. English books artist left around hotel entrance
  6. Hotel entrance lineup
  7. Hotel entrance, often, and, literally, what each set of four puzzle 35-across contains
  8. Hidden in hotel at entrance, as yet undiscovered
  9. Prime hotel time
  10. French wine not available outside of english capital
  11. Available to discuss outside
  12. Hang around outside - why? said to be fruit available
  13. One often seen standing just outside a buildings entrance
  14. Tenant with lower entrance on the outside
  15. Old prisoner outside entrance to former pow camp
  16. A piece of art outside university lodge's entrance shows insect management
  17. Food always kept outside tradesmen's entrance in sack
  18. Lacking intelligence, like soldiers outside entrance to naafi
  19. Chimney corner in valley right outside oban's entrance
  20. Detracted from french staff outside entrance


  1. Plant seeds again but in row c says spooner
  2. Examples of popular viewpoints
  3. 2019 zodiacally
  4. Book for services
  5. — regal; iconic van belonging to del and rodney in only fools and horses
  6. A word from paris about un measure
  7. In three words, white hart lane?
  8. Trust man to train pets