The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with G

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Practise of bluffing or deception"

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  1. Grantham
    1. Lincolnshire town actor, overactor?
    2. Lincolnshire town; harm gnat (anag.)
    3. Birthplace of newton and thatcher
    4. Town in lincolnshire
    5. Actor, one overacting in lincs town
    6. Conservationists probing man in english town


  1. Being only a baby, one is able to practise self-deception
  2. Deception of raj, or honest deception?
  3. Like a poker player whos either very confident or really bluffing
  4. Balderdash is a game of __ and bluffing
  5. It's on the cards that they're bluffing but elegant
  6. Bluffing it by passing out reports
  7. How owls know when mice are bluffing?
  8. It's on the cards they're bluffing
  9. Bluffing game
  10. Words after ''you think i'm bluffing?''
  11. Practise on undertaker’s vehicle
  12. Practise magical tricks
  13. Practise greater economy? that’s pathetic!
  14. Practise before performing in public
  15. ''oh what a ... web we weave / when first we practise to deceive'' (walter scott)
  16. Practise crystal-gazing
  17. Practise this to save money
  18. For self-control, practise engaging in relaxation
  19. How the undertaker may practise about his transport
  20. It's a flaming bore to have to practise this


  1. Nutritious trio
  2. Leak fix
  3. Actress ___ skye (daughter of '60s singer donovan)
  4. Tall south american plant with long, sharp leaves, cultivated for its large, feathery flower plumes
  5. What a singer can handle
  6. Subject of peer pressure?
  7. New tv series in which deputy dawg gets a promotion?
  8. Municipality-related