The answer to this crossword puzzle is 11 letters long and begins with M

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Portable cradle"

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  1. Mosesbasket
    1. Small portable wickerwork cot


  1. Rocking old cradle for starters, a crib broke
  2. So-called cradle of civilization
  3. Tends to, as a cradle
  4. The cradle of texas liber
  5. Odd place for a cradle
  6. Cradle call
  7. Cradle contents
  8. Ladle cradle
  9. Fabric lining sparkly cradle
  10. Makeshift cradle
  11. Cradle song
  12. From the cradle to the grave
  13. Cradle; translation
  14. Cradle grain
  15. 'and stay by my cradle till morning is ___'
  16. Cradle locale, in a lullaby
  17. Move (cradle)
  18. The cradle rocks above one, said nabokov
  19. Cradle - manger
  20. Word with the cradle or blind


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  4. Cross section around hidden entrance
  5. Touching story about one that's capable of working again
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