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  1. Francisco and california, in san francisco: abbr
  2. San francisco street or t
  3. Junípero ___, founder of san francisco
  4. The castro in san francisco and chelsea in manhattan
  5. Region around san francisco
  6. San francisco bread
  7. Bay ___ (san francisco, oakland, etc.)
  8. Legendary san francisco m
  9. Former san francisco mayo
  10. Town on san francisco bay
  11. Island in san francisco bay
  12. Bart : san francisco :: ___ : philadelphia
  13. San francisco's public tr
  14. Common weather phenomenon in san francisco
  15. Foreign capital whose name sounds like a water passage to san francisco
  16. San francisco transport
  17. Famed san francisco rock
  18. San francisco tourist att
  19. San francisco, oakland, e
  20. San francisco footballer,


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  2. Opposite of obscurity
  3. ___ versa
  4. Anagram of 17-across
  5. Ones trying to cover all the bases
  6. Way you probably don't want to be held
  7. Girl with a 19-across
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