The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with I

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Popular record, though initially awkward"

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  1. Inept
    1. Popular record, but ultimately unskilful
    2. All thumbs
    3. Bumbling
    4. Hopeless
    5. Lummox
    6. Klutzes


  1. Awkward admiral to be just awkward
  2. Seek to win office, though awkward
  3. Must quit bases — going without will initially be awkward
  4. Turn at the wheel yachtsman initially found awkward
  5. What a pest on top of everything else, as it's initially awkward and revolutionary
  6. He collects a lot, though record is held by worker
  7. Non-musical record (though it bears the name of a music genre)
  8. Having broken a personal record, though on the decline
  9. Month spent with rogue, popular though cheesy
  10. Popular holiday period - the main one, though short
  11. Mean, though popular, minister
  12. Part of wedding cake popular to eat, though smaller
  13. Seat once popular though with no support
  14. Popular pope, though lacking mercy
  15. County's various resources delight, though not initially
  16. Number of some importance, though not initially
  17. Backed great time involving rugby, though not initially where play occurs
  18. Placing ball on table, though not initially scoring at snooker?
  19. Grin though initially scared by the dark, say
  20. Colleague is friendly, though not initially polite


  1. God? time his tripe must be thrown out!
  2. Tim —; the first british esa astronaut to visit the international space station
  3. Emphasised puddings are on the rise
  4. Edible seed used for flavouring
  5. That part of the alimentary canal between the pharynx and the stomach
  6. Religious verse from old ledger ancient mistress gets hold of
  7. _ verdi, italian opera composer whose works included aida
  8. People like delilah supply hair?