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  1. Long-running tv programme possibly needs a rest
  2. Long-running tv programme
  3. What high-fliers do with alexander in a long-running programme
  4. Programme damaged printer, always running over temperature
  5. Long-running bbc tv current affairs programme first broadcast in 1953
  6. Item linked with popular film, programme etc
  7. Small cake rising introducing fine tv programme that was popular once, briefly
  8. Upset at pain from running: this isn't running
  9. Say the nag running in it should give up running
  10. Top of the polls perhaps? sounds like an attempt to make those running parties more popular!
  11. Popular extract from carol? less popular now, perhaps
  12. Muslim commander popular - muslim commander popular!
  13. Range popular — range popular?
  14. Popular ice cream flavor which is green in color and contains nuts popular in the middle east
  15. After a write-up, stop screening programme - put to bed again?
  16. Broadcast a very little, ignoring the french type of programme
  17. Sharpen tack outside radio programme
  18. Apply particular programme to oust leader
  19. Taking sides in programme relating to us
  20. Tv programme could get cavorting lad in debt


  1. Music to make nanny&rsquo s companion seriously disturbed?
  2. Musical by rice one knocked back as unoriginal
  3. Musically arranged
  4. Mythological sculptor producing a sign after less than minute
  5. Word before plane or shorts
  6. My french diary recalled an asian nomad
  7. My roar, having bagged second bird
  8. Musical note for one singer mostly