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  1. Montreal is in it: abbr.
  2. Montreal baseballers, 196
  3. Montreal denizens
  4. More damaged in centre of montreal quake
  5. University in montreal
  6. 1967 montreal event
  7. Montreal is part of it: abbr.
  8. Transport de montréal
  9. Montreal daily
  10. Montreal, e.g.: abbr.
  11. Montreal assent
  12. Montreal and others
  13. Mort from montreal
  14. Montreal university
  15. Montreal, for one
  16. Former montreal team
  17. Montreal team
  18. Montreal's country
  19. Bygone montreal ball club
  20. Montreal ballplayer


  1. Assigns to a different key, as a computer function
  2. Narrow space
  3. Big brand of writing instruments
  4. 'all hope abandon, ye who enter here' writer
  5. Kid with crayons
  6. 'friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your ears' speaker
  7. Montpelier erects a shrine to vulcan
  8. Seller of expedit desks