The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with H.
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Crossword Answers for "Plenty perturbed"

Added on Monday, May 21, 2018

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  1. Hetup
    1. Agitated ambassador, a male beast
    2. Atwitter
    3. Bear to adopt upright position
    4. In a lather
    5. Excited, in dialect
    6. Flutter


  1. Where there's plenty of vessels and plenty to drink
  2. Plenty of wine where there's plenty of ships
  3. 'plenty of wine for plenty of ships there (5,4)'
  4. Rattled - perturbed
  5. Perturbed
  6. Perturbed state
  7. More than perturbed
  8. Fish from port perturbed european cooks
  9. Agitated distressed perturbed
  10. More perturbed, ring the lover
  11. Dog's energy restrained by perturbed breeder/trainer
  12. Real disruption perturbed press — their complaints get worse again
  13. President getting perturbed spoke incoherently
  14. Perturbed, flustered
  15. Dog in manger perturbed pastor
  16. Improperly deliver cards making married ladies perturbed
  17. Overturn - perturbed - disordered
  18. Not perturbed or disconcerted
  19. Restless, perturbed
  20. Cautious piano tuner perturbed about key


  1. Slow moving ice mass
  2. Slow and unsteady
  3. Sloth i train somehow round back of menagerie
  4. Slow moving creature is camouflaged in tree
  5. Sloth and one near it on the move
  6. Slow mover, old, is tucking into sweet cake
  7. Slowly decay
  8. Slope in garden altered to accommodate one plant finally