CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Plant most of bed so comes up in red"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Rosebush
    1. Thorny shrub
    2. American beauty's home
    3. Got up to hospital after taking the bus from garden centre
    4. Prickly growth
    5. Puzzle involving big horse and a shrub


  1. First comes lightning then comes __
  2. First comes love, then comes these two
  3. One comes before the big film, and one comes after
  4. It comes out and comes up to keep the street clean
  5. It comes with the south, comes to the top and goes to the bad
  6. Comes closer to making profits — number comes up
  7. Comes back and comes across 'im in this regard
  8. Before the blooming bike comes to an end it comes at the end
  9. First comes love, then comes these three
  10. Writer comes back from southeast to say what comes first
  11. For fighting, it comes to a handy end and comes at the end up the street
  12. The family comes first when it comes to granting permission for bitter quarrelling in the organisation
  13. She comes out with me to turn over plant
  14. Canola oil comes from this plant
  15. Natural sweetener that comes from plant leaves
  16. In anticipation, poet comes to river plant
  17. Let what comes up the plant come up for the artist
  18. Drunk comes up to plant again
  19. Party comes back embracing rich doctor from hothouse plant
  20. A poisonous plant, it comes in a regular shape


  1. Lead-in for worm
  2. Arcade game based on a film of the same name
  3. Sinclair lewis novel for which he received (but declined) the pulitzer prize
  4. Calle ___ landmark street in miamis little havana
  5. It makes the earth turn
  6. Having locks
  7. Part of a twitter page
  8. Sauce traditionally prepared in a mortar