The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with P

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Plant with leaves used in cooking"

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  1. Potherb
    1. Fuss over british cook's seasoning
    2. Plant grown for culinary use
    3. Lead about alternative vegetable for flavouring
    4. Plant used for seasoning in cooking
    5. Vegetable for flavouring
    6. A lot of smoke, the first sign of burning parsley for example


  1. Plant red stalks green leaves used in cooking
  2. Plant with long, hollow leaves used in cooking
  3. Herb with needle-like leaves used in cooking
  4. Dried leaves used in cooking
  5. Queen leaves pantry with cooking fat
  6. Device that leaves out leaves
  7. Leaves the ground to start with, then leaves all over
  8. It leaves no leaves
  9. What one hopes leaves on time, leaves on it
  10. Leaves the ground with leaves on
  11. Leaves no leaves
  12. Plant used in japanese cooking paste or beans
  13. Plant used for seasoning in cooking
  14. Plant used to flavour cooking
  15. Perennial woody plant bearing fruit for cooking or eating -granny smiths?
  16. Plant-based liquid fat used for cooking and salads
  17. Plant used for cooking liver, say, and duck around spain
  18. Plant used in cooking
  19. Cooking vessel and plant container
  20. Plant bearing pungent, aromatic, one-seeded fruits used in cooking


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