CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Planche de labour"

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  1. Choose line penned by lincoln to show what labour may have become
  2. What's up? labour's 2015 dream team paid attention
  3. Lord green interrupts labour leader endlessly
  4. Breaking the name of the resigned labour leadership, it changed
  5. Us labour leader once blowing his top over large amount of waste
  6. Labour's bound to reveal the exploitation business
  7. Labour party clipped in the end
  8. Labour challenger "hits women" – not true
  9. Labour camp for political prisoners
  10. Left backing return of labour party
  11. My whitewash is embraced by labour leader losing election in the end
  12. Maybe labour is not entirely ignoring left
  13. Labour pm, b. 1951
  14. Unofficial labour leader divides support
  15. Studies disheartened labour party members?
  16. Politicians here - most are reportedly not labour
  17. Record new words for labour leader in capital
  18. Fledgling labour challenger: "it's time"
  19. Exchanging tips on labour, building vote
  20. Tool for hard labour damaged hedge in prison


  1. Hilary swank biopic
  2. New house in italy for a randy one!
  3. Ship-docking area
  4. Oscar nominee as juno macguff
  5. Endearing words from ã‰tienne
  6. A set of cards four inches high
  7. History of dad's old model car
  8. Major part of a new york borough