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  1. Garment thats often plaid
  2. Plaid a "hopeless case" for part of the northwest
  3. Performer in plaid, perha
  4. Many a plaid wearer
  5. Many a wearer of plaid
  6. Player in plaid
  7. Paisley and plaid
  8. Plaid design
  9. Winter wear with a plaid pattern, often
  10. Plaid kilt pattern
  11. Clan plaid
  12. Went together like paisley and plaid
  13. __ plaid (checked pattern)
  14. Arthur dressed in light-brown plaid
  15. Cleric in plaid robes?
  16. Language that gave us 'plaid'
  17. The plaid's so to be got rid of like this
  18. Testimonial from a queen's award in plaid weaving
  19. Cloth with a plaid design
  20. '__ don't wear plaid'


  1. Us states list
  2. Bygone russian autocrat
  3. Not to be pressed for a whiny response from the loser you could say
  4. Middling noble rank
  5. Come out in the end perhaps before you leave
  6. It's made of electrons and protons
  7. Overcrowded u.s. hospital areas
  8. Full circle, on the track