The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with G

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Pilots taking you out for bit of laugh in these?"

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  1. Gliders
    1. Quiet planes
    2. Flying vehicles without engines


  1. Might need pilots to fire these in hot spots
  2. Could need pilots to fire these in hot spots
  3. Tv great who said 'i live to laugh, and i laugh to live'
  4. These are the trios that'll make you laugh
  5. Has wild laugh expressing surprise taking in currency
  6. Clue for half of these cluesclue for half of these clues
  7. Song with the lyric 'ain't these tears in these eyes tellin' you?'
  8. Steers with these, right, and cows have these!
  9. Places for pilots
  10. Pilots combat
  11. Fighter pilots
  12. Pilots surroundings
  13. Fig. in a pilots announcement
  14. Hero war pilots
  15. U.f.o. pilots
  16. Where porcine pilots arri
  17. Award given to pilots meeting directors
  18. Fuel container filled by pilots if on the way back
  19. Sky pilots, so to speak
  20. Inits. for some pilots


  1. Techno basis
  2. Dr. with a dream
  3. Quake-related
  4. Working without __ (taking chances)
  5. Making a botch
  6. Chicago's time zone
  7. ''the untouchables'' lawman
  8. Scariest month, for short