The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with U


Do you know the answer?


  1. Utilities
    1. Helpful features of a product
    2. Turn back - i kindled connections to gas and water
    3. Used to be here when knots them after you, in short, get it up
    4. Eg, gas, water, electricity companies
    5. Useful things, like gas or electricity companies
    6. Encryption software and such


  1. What companies sell to other companies
  2. Eg, gas, water, electricity companies
  3. Useful things, like gas or electricity companies
  4. Concern for shipping and software companies
  5. Pieces of pieces of eight
  6. Pieces of two-pieces
  7. Make pieces of pieces?
  8. Pieces of three-pieces
  9. Moving companies?
  10. Founder of two automobile companies
  11. Small politically unstable country dominated by foreign companies
  12. Millions investing in one cartel go wild for group of companies
  13. Expenses of companies on the way up
  14. Learned university is infiltrating film companies
  15. The ultimate of companies acquired by mark. enterprise propels him
  16. Like some companies' day
  17. Sign design used to identify products companies
  18. Information sets mined by companies
  19. Ground force unit with two or more companies
  20. Folded pamphlet used by companies to market


  1. King arthur's wizard
  2. Jos buttler's role in the current england test cricket team
  3. Box-like container that slides
  4. "support turkey!" - american senate's leader
  5. Blunder about french coast being an environmental threat
  6. Plead with nurse to carry out doctor's orders
  7. Casual home worker, collecting very little money, starts to complain intensely
  8. Annual grass with light brown grains