CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Piece of music has to carry a sound"

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  1. Toccata
    1. Fantasia's cousin
    2. Improvisatory composition
    3. Improvisationlike composi
    4. Rapid keyboard composition
    5. Musical piece's so long - over two hundred involved
    6. Keyboard piece played staccato, without introduction


  1. Carry only a carry-on, say
  2. Trips where a 'carry in, carry out' policy may be observed
  3. Piece of music which i play with piece of wood
  4. End piece written for a piece of music
  5. 'music! music! music!' singer brewer
  6. Not the sound of music, it's the breath of music
  7. The sound of music song about music notes (hyph.)
  8. Carry out piece of equipment
  9. Music lover's carry-along
  10. Did he sound as if he might get a loan of the sound he put into his music?
  11. Sound from residential block is to carry
  12. All our ships can carry horse through sound
  13. Carry on raising a sound of disapproval for game
  14. Bell starts its sound to carry back
  15. Sound device that a roadie might carry
  16. No sound could make one sound hoarse, by the sound of it
  17. Sound of the crows might make sound of the clock sound biting
  18. A piece of a three-piece
  19. Subject of experiment needing a piece of gold and a piece of iron
  20. Top piece of a two-piece


  1. Info on a highway billboard
  2. Layer of an italian muffuletta sandwich
  3. Let me give you a hand
  4. Great lake bordering four states
  5. Toast topic
  6. Charlotte's creation
  7. Rehab woes for short
  8. Story trajectories